Why choose a stainless steel manifold


1,Stainless steel manifold manufacturing using 304 stainless steel materials and related manufacturing processes, it has a service life of at least 70 years.

2,Stainless steel manifold corrosion resistance, anti-rust performance is one of its outstanding advantages, because its surface has been passivated, can effectively prevent oxidation reaction.

3,The thermal conductivity of stainless steel manifold is 1/25 of copper pipe and 1/4 of ordinary steel pipe, it does not lose too much heat in the conveying process, especially suitable for hot water conveying. Major manufacturers are using 304 stainless steel material for production and processing, so it can meet most of the supply water treatment and conveying conditions.

4,Since stainless steel itself has strong corrosion resistance, it can protect water quality from pollution and prevent scale deposits on the inner surface of water pipes, stainless steel requires almost no maintenance and significantly reduces the leakage rate.

5, Stainless steel manifold has excellent mechanical properties, can withstand hammering and thermal expansion and contraction, no leakage and no bursting, manifold built-in balance valve spool, can be set for the horizontal balance of each branch. Precise adjustment of branch flow, system operation more energy efficient.

Stainless steel manifold

Product recommendation

SMLG stainless steel manifold is made of high quality 304 stainless steel with advanced one-piece forming process, low failure rate of fittings, easy replacement and strong adaptability of functional fittings. The product has stable physical and chemical characteristics, corrosion resistance, no rust, the service life of the manifold more than 100 years.

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