About Us

Welcome to SMLG

Shanghai SMLG Thermostatic Technology Co, Ltd is a technology company focusing on HVAC smart home.Through years of efforts and research, the company has both HVAC control technology and electronic control technology has become the most distinctive feature of SMLG.The rich industry experience has helped SMLG transform from a component provider to a major global OEM and ODM service system solution provider.

Cooperation with the Global World

Innovation makes life better—SMLG has achieved excellence in core wax thermostatic element formulation and the study of semiconductor-like PTCs under this guidance. Now SMLG is present in 90+ countries with 400+ partners,contributing to the innovation of energy efficiency in HVAC worldwide.

Our Partners

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Our Factory

We use automated production equipment for higher production efficiency and product quality assurance.
We have a strict production process, with quality control from paraffin warm pack filling, calibration, testing, to valve body assembly and testing.
We provide OEM&ODM partners with a wide range of services to support your business, including logo customization, product development and design.

Our Vision

We sincerely hope to establish strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers, and form a stable and healthy community of interests with all sectors of society.

In addition, our company is committed to developing high-efficiency and energy-saving products, contributing to green environment protection, taking the road of scientific and sustainable development, and making outstanding achievements in the constant temperature industry.

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