Why choose a stainless steel manifold when there are so many?


Stainless steel manifold in our life touches human health, safety category, life we can widely see stainless steel. smlghvac specializes in stainless steel manifold  research and development, production, processing custom services, the following from a professional point of view to talk to you about the advantages of stainless steel manifold .


Anti-corrosion performance

Stainless steel manifold  and pipe fittings of corrosion resistance in a variety of pipe is the best. Stainless steel  can be passivated with oxidizing agents, the appearance of a layer of tough and dense chromium-rich oxide maintenance film Dr2O3, effectively prevent the further onset of oxidation reactions. Other metal pipes, such as galvanized water pipes, copper pipes passivation ability is very small, which is the galvanized copper pipe corrosion resistance is far less than the key reason for stainless steel water distribution equipment.

High heat resistance strength

The thermal conductivity of stainless steel   water distributor is 1/25 of copper pipe, 1/4 of ordinary steel pipe, especially suitable for high temperature transmission.

Strong resistance to pressure

304 stainless steel manifold's compressive and tensile strength is 2 times that of steel pipe and nearly 10 times that of plastic pipe. Stainless steel manifold has excellent mechanical properties, can withstand very strong water supply pressure, up to 10Mpa or more, the best helper for water supply in high buildings.

Service life

stainless steel water distribution equipment has the longest service life. Up to 100 years, or at least 70 years, as long as the life of the building.

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