Underfloor heating with thermostats has so many advantages


A good underfloor heating system is inseparable from a good intelligent temperature control system, a good temperature control system is bound to be able to do time, room and control, that is, each room or each area has independent temperature control settings that do not affect each other but can be unified control, the following small warm with you, equipped with intelligent temperature control system for underfloor heating how important.


1.Different rooms with different functions require different temperatures

Setting different temperatures for rooms with different functions and uses is itself a way of behaving in an energy-efficient way. For example, the living room needs a relatively high temperature, while the bedroom temperature can be relatively low, and rooms that are not in use for a certain period of time can be set at a lower temperature to be more energy efficient.

2.Different orientations, different light heating times

Rooms with different orientations will be affected by light and different factors affecting the temperature measurement environment, so it is necessary to divide the temperature control into rooms for accurate temperature control and to maximise the use of free heat to bring additional "free heat" to the lighted rooms. The heating system runs for less time.

At the same time, not only does light bring free heat to the rooms, but light changes the temperature of the exterior surfaces of the windows on the outside walls, thus reducing the heat loss in the rooms. When the sun rises, the free heat is different for different rooms at different times of the day, starting from the east side of the room, moving to the south side of the room and then to the west side of the room, so only a room-by-room temperature control can achieve precise and independent temperature control for each room and maximise the use of free heat.


3.Different equipment, lights and people affect the room temperature

The free heat from different equipment, lights and people in each room also affects the temperature of the room and requires separate room temperature control for precise temperature control and maximum use of free heat, e.g. rooms where people gather, rooms with dense equipment, etc.

4.Different users have different requirements for a comfortable temperature more

Due to many factors such as metabolic level, age, weight and health status, each person requires a different comfort temperature. Comfort is a very individual experience; some people prefer 20 degrees, others 23 degrees and still others just 18 degrees. Therefore different rooms should also have the ability to adjust the temperature individually according to the needs of the different users, which is in a way a behavioural energy saving.


In today's increasingly energy-constrained world, energy saving is not just a slogan for everyone, it should start with everyone and every family. smlg floor heating intelligent temperature control system is extremely fast heating, intelligent control, safe and stable, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. It can not only control the indoor temperature easily and precisely, but also achieve the purpose of saving energy and money, which is one of the main indispensable equipment for floor heating system.

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