The role of electric underfloor heating actuators in underfloor heating systems


In the floor heating system used in the floor heating electric actuator, mainly used in the end of the heating equipment, used to control the heat and flow of a drive device, through the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of temperature-sensitive elements to achieve temperature regulation function, whether commercial heating or villa and mansion installation of floor heating, are used in the floor heating system in the room control or used to layer control system in the actuator, of course, different varieties, the Underfloor heating electric actuator prices will not be the same. Here you can find out what role electric heating actuators play in underfloor heating systems.


In working operation, the electric actuator produces no noise, is simple to connect, quick to install and easy to dismantle. When installed on the manifold, it will start the water stop operation when the water temperature reaches the set temperature, thus enabling it to play a role in temperature control. However, care must be taken not to install it backwards, otherwise it will not work.

In individual rooms where underfloor heating is installed and the temperature needs to be adjusted, a thermostat can be set to link with the electric heating actuator. In houses with a larger area two underfloor heating loops may be required, but a thermostat can be used to control the indoor temperature in parallel with the electric heating actuator to facilitate energy saving. In addition, the electric underfloor heating actuator has several advantages such as:

  1. The working principle of the electric heating actuator relies on thermal expansion and contraction, and without mechanical transmission, there is no wear and tear on the components.

  2. The electric heating actuator is compact in size and synchronisation does not take up space in the room. Long service life, noiseless and maintenance-free, providing the best service to the consumer.

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