The application of brass manifold in the field of heat pumps.


In the field of heat pumps, copper and aluminum are common materials for production, but as heat pump performance continues to improve, more materials are being applied to heat pump systems, including brass made of copper alloys.

Brass is a common alloy material composed of copper and zinc, which has high strength, good workability, and corrosion resistance. In heat pump systems, brass is typically used to produce manifolds in heat exchangers. These manifolds distribute refrigerant from the heat pump system to various indoor and outdoor units, thereby achieving heat transfer and distribution.

Brass Manifold

Compared with other production materials, manifolds made of brass have the following advantages:

Good corrosion resistance: Brass has good corrosion resistance and can be used in humid environments, making it suitable for use in heat pump systems.

Good workability: Brass can be easily processed into various shapes, allowing for the production of complex piping systems and manifolds.

Good thermal conductivity: Brass has good thermal conductivity, enabling efficient heat transfer and improving the performance of heat pump systems.

Brass Manifold

In summary, manifolds made of brass are increasingly being used in heat pump systems, which can improve the performance and stability of heat pump systems while also extending the lifespan of the system.

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