Air source heat pump + floor heating, the most worry-free way to heat this winter


Since December, the temperature has plummeted across the northern hemisphere and the heating mode has been turned on. Underfloor heating is undoubtedly the most comfortable of the many heating options. At present, the main ways to supply heat source for underfloor heating are gas boilers and electric boilers, some areas can also use solar energy as a heat source, there are also ways to use ground source, water source, air source as a heating heat source. Nowadays, the promotion of environmental protection and energy saving, air source heat pumps are gradually becoming popular, which can solve the problem of heating and hot water, as well as energy replacement, which is good for the environment and energy saving. So, let's talk about what are the advantages of heat pump floor heating.


1.Energy saving advantage

Air source heat pump has a high energy saving, through the jet enthalpy absorption of low-grade heat in the air, transformed into the high temperature heat required for floor heating, at this time the higher the energy efficiency ratio of the air energy heat pump, the more heat is converted, the higher the energy saving. It's energy efficiency generated is above 3.0, which means that consuming 1 degree of electricity can convert more than 3 times the amount of electricity directly used for the heat generated, so compared to electric boiler heating can save 2/3 of the electricity cost, compared to gas boiler can save 1/2 of the cost.

2. Installation advantages

Usually the heating equipment for home use needs to consider the waterproof ability and needs to be installed indoors or on the balcony, which will occupy the indoor space area (hanging on the wall), and the wider the area occupied by the housing for the inch of land, the more wasteful it is. However, air source heat pump and water tank have strong waterproof ability, in the case of KERN air source, when installed, not only can be installed in outdoor open space, roof or air conditioning unit, but also in specific equipment areas, and small households can match the corresponding small models, which occupy less installation space.


3. Environmental advantages

Compared with gas boiler heating and coal heating, air source heat pump heating is more environmentally friendly, using electricity to do work, there is no emission of pollutants during operation, no emission of harmful gases (carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.), and no emission of solid pollutants (cinder), air source heat pump heating is an effective measure to reduce air pollution in winter.

4. Functional advantages

Air source heat pump is not only the heat source of floor heating, but also the heat source of air conditioning and domestic hot water. Through the transformation of heat exchanger, it turns the room temperature water in the pipe into chilled water and transmits it to the fan coil to blow out cold air, which is central air conditioning; it turns the room temperature water in the pipe into high temperature hot water and transmits it to the floor heating pipe to deliver stable heat to the room; it turns the room temperature water in the pipe into high temperature hot water and connects it to the water tank for heat exchange and heats the tap water in the water tank to provide hot water for the bathroom Washing and kitchen with hot water. Heat pump also has the ability of one machine with three uses, and can also be used as drying equipment.

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