Why does your floor heating always have problems?


Water floor heating is one of the floor radiant heating, and also the most popular heating method. It has considerable advantages over electric floor heating. Water floor heating is to heat the whole ground evenly through the heat medium in the floor radiation layer through the ground coil, and there is circulating hot water in the pipeline. The purpose of heating is achieved by using the ground's own heat storage and the law of heat radiation from bottom to top. As the temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head gradually decreases in the room, it gives people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and cool head. The floor radiant heating conforms to the fitness theory of "warming the feet while keeping the top cool" of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the most comfortable heating method and a symbol of modern life quality.

According to statistics, more than 50% of heating accidents occur on the floor heating water collector! However, the floor heating system is complex, especially the floor heating water collector, which many people do not understand. So, what are the precautions for the use of floor heating water collector? Today, I want to tell you how to avoid hidden dangers of heating accidents!


·Pay attention to the leakage

Water seepage often occurs at the connection between the floor heating pipe and the water collector. Therefore, pay attention to the pressure after the floor heating is installed. If the pressure of the wall mounted furnace is not enough, the user should immediately observe the water collector to check whether there is leakage at the connection.

·Filter valve for non thermal inspection

The floor heating water collector is equipped with a filter, and the excessive accumulation of impurities during the floor heating operation will cause the floor heating not to be hot. Users need to conduct regular inspection and professional cleaning and maintenance.

·Remember to exhaust before operation

Before and after the floor heating operation, the air shall be exhausted through the water collector. The specific exhaust method is as follows:

1. Before venting, prepare a section of plastic hose (the diameter should be just enough to cover the vent valve) and a container for water connection;

2. Close all valves except the water inlet valve. Generally, the valve handle is closed when it is perpendicular to the pipeline;

3. Put one end of the plastic hose on the vent valve, and place a container for water at the other end.

4. Slowly unscrew the air release valve on the water inlet pipe of the water separator to release air until water without a lot of bubbles is released, and then close the air release valve.

5. Open a group of water inlet and return valves on the branch of the water separator, and then open the air release valve on the water inlet pipe of the water separator again until the water without a lot of bubbles is discharged. Repeat the above operation until all branches of the water separator are vented.

·Do not close the shut-off valve

I like to close all valves when not using floor heating. However, self-heating families need to pay attention to the fact that the water in the floor heating pipe is easy to freeze at low temperature in winter. But in fact, the wall-mounted furnace will automatically protect the floor heating pipeline and the whole system. If the valve on the water diverter is closed, the floor heating cannot be protected, which is likely to cause a potential explosion hazard.

The floor heating water collector plays a vital role in the normal operation of the floor heating system, and users should not underestimate it.

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·Who is Smlghvac?

Adhering to the service tenet of "technology first, quality first", Smlg is committed to the floor heating control system and actively carries out research and development projects with advanced technology and professional equipment; The products are based on European manufacturing standards and are trusted by many enterprises around the world.

At present, Smlg products of various specifications and technologies have won domestic and international patents and software copyright protection. The fashionable, beautiful, energy-saving, environment-friendly and efficient stainless steel water collector has been recognized and favored by domestic and foreign end users.

·Products express strength, and recognition means there is a market

As a HVAC person, when you recommend the floor heating system to the end users, do you also emphasize the brand and quality of the heat source equipment and floor heating pipes used in the system many times, but rarely mention the brand and quality of the manifold? In fact, in your design, water diversity device is also very important, but why do you ignore it? This also reflects the inadequate attention to the manifold and its awkward position from one side.

Smlg's manifold is not only of good material and fine manufacturing, but also has good functions, which can meet the function of system hydraulic balance and flow adjustment, and solve the hydraulic balance and other problems generally concerned by HVAC people.


Advantages of Smlg's manifold

This series of supervisors are made of globally recognized environment-friendly stainless steel, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly.

2. Product precision, corrosion resistance and high compression resistance.

3. No anaerobic adhesive or raw material belt is used at any connection port, and imported leak proof materials are used to prevent loose leakage.

4. With excellent material, the main pipe will never scale to ensure smooth water flow.

5. The transparent tube of the flowmeter is made of special materials with high toughness and strength to ensure that it will never crack during use.

6. The appearance design is exquisite and generous, the flow display sign is obvious, the operation is simple, the installation is convenient, and the temperature control is household and room.

7. The product quality inspection center has passed the inspection. Perfect professional service, no worries for users.

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