The working principle and role of electric heat actuators


The working principle of the electric heat actuator

The electric heat actuator consists of three main parts, a temperature controller, a valve actuator and a valve. Normally the temperature controller will be installed on the wall of the building's internal wall and connected to the electric heat actuator by means of a cable. The electric heat actuator is then connected to the corresponding control point with a cable, which does not need to be too long - about 1 metre is sufficient. The electric thermal actuator is fixed to the valve with a nut. When the room temperature reaches the preset temperature of the temperature controller, the positive thermistor in the electric thermal actuator will start to work and close the valve by heating the thermal expansion device. When the room temperature decreases, the thermostat senses the temperature change and will transmit the signal to the electric thermal actuator, which will start to cool down and open the valve. Many electric heat actuators in the current market have a power failure automatic reset function to avoid the inconvenience caused by power failure of electric heat actuators.


Function of the electric heating actuator

Electric heat actuators mainly function at the end of the heating system, regulating the indoor temperature by linking them together with a temperature control device. If the indoor area is large, two underfloor heating loops can be installed, when only one thermostat can be used in parallel with the electric heating actuator to achieve the temperature control function, which can save the user a certain amount of installation costs. Electric heating actuators have an important role to play in heating equipment, users should buy through the regular way, so that product quality can be guaranteed.


Advantages of electric actuators

1. The working principle of the electric heat actuator relies on thermal expansion and contraction, and without mechanical transmission there is no wear and tear of the components.

2. The electric heat actuator is compact in size and synchronisation does not take up interior space. Long service life, noiseless and maintenance-free, providing the best service to the consumer.

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