Wax Control Elements|Wax thermostatic element-LG013X-SMLG
Wax Control Elements|Wax thermostatic element-LG013X-SMLG


The wax thermostatic element produced by the SMLG with its own patented formula is widely recognized , praised and applied in the industry for its sensitivity and accuracy . It has also passed the European experimental institutions product certification ( ACS , WRAS ).


Military           Plumbing    

Sanitary          Automobile

Shipping         Air Conditioning        Other Industries


Technical Parameter  User manual  Certification  Customize Solution

Maximum Load  180N

Minimum Load  60N

Testing Load  75N

Spring Rate  5N/mm

Maximum Temperature  90°C

Material  Copper

Stroke:L=19.7±0.25mm  at45°C  75N

Lifespan: 100000 times







User manual







Customize Solution

If you are not sure about the parameters of thermostatic element, our team will assist you with your selection or customize according to your products’ situation. 

Before any commitment, you need to send us written confirmation for the three performance parameters of the wax thermostatic element (temperature range, working stroke and maximum load). 

SMLG will provide OEM&ODM partners with a wide rangeof services to support your business, including logocustomization, product development and designIf you have any questions, welcome to contact us.

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