Apus Room Thermostat

Temperature control in intelligent HVAC systems on the market not aimed at energy saving will end nowhere-starting. The heating control system includes the manifold, room thermostats, heating thermal actuators, and other components.

The temperature controller—room thermostat is recommended for the control of the electric heating device or on/off valve actuator in hydronic underfloor heating with wifi and non-wifi two versions. 


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Customize Solution

If you want to develop new thermal actuator, our team will assist you to achieve your idea according to these details as follow:

-Supply the shape design.

-Supply the spring force.

-Supply the voltage.

-Supply the dimension of full open and close for valve.

SMLG will provide OEM&ODM partners with a wide rangeof services to support your business, including logocustomization, product development and designIf you have any questions, welcome to contact us.

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