Winter air conditioning electricity and not warm? Heat pump air conditioning is not afraid of!


At present, a variety of categories on the air conditioning market, how consumers in the mixed air conditioning products, choose a preferred air conditioning has become a major problem.

And heat pump air conditioners as a new trend in the development of the home air conditioning market, and what is the difference between ordinary air conditioning? Where is its excellence?

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Heat pump compression, energy saving and power saving

The pain point of the current ordinary heating and air conditioning is that, although it can meet the needs of summer cooling, but once the winter, not only expensive electricity, heating speed is not fast enough to achieve the desired heating effect in a short period of time. The lack of heating performance can only be made up with electric auxiliary heat, but the function of blowing out the wind is very dry, blowing a little longer will bring discomfort. If you encounter too cold or too hot weather, they may even directly "strike".

The heat pump air conditioner effectively solves this pain point, because it does not rely on electric auxiliary heat, but uses a special compressor for heat pumps, so it is more energy-efficient and power-saving. In addition, it also has EVI enthalpy technology, making the heating effect quite strong. In today's energy-constrained, "dual carbon" policy environment, heat pump air conditioners will naturally become the "potential shares" of the air conditioning market.

Fast heating, fine temperature control

Heat pump air conditioners can achieve rapid heating, soon after turning on the air conditioner, the whole room can be warm, no longer face the dilemma of turning on the air conditioner but can not warm up for a long time.

Heat pump air conditioners are also very good in temperature control, for the human body's comfort and physical upgrade needs to ensure that the temperature control ± 0.5 ℃, for users to find a most suitable for human body temperature in the inadvertent comfort of air temperature changes.

In addition, whether the air conditioner power consumption is one of the main factors for many people to buy air conditioners, and put aside the electric auxiliary heat function of the heat pump air conditioner, even in low-temperature environment, its heating effect is much better than the electric auxiliary heat air conditioner, the key is that energy consumption is also reduced by a lot. In the cooling at the same time it can also open the intelligent energy-saving mode, a year down the electricity bill will be able to save a lot.


Odor reduction and remote control

After years of use, the air conditioner will accumulate dust in its internal filters and copper, and when the air conditioner is turned on, the odor emitted by the dust will be dispersed into the air; after the cooling heat, there will be moisture inside the air conditioner, and when the air conditioner is turned off, the moisture inside will always exist, and a musty smell will be produced in the long run.

In addition to excellent performance, heat pump air conditioners also add a number of additional practical features design, such as its configuration of 57 ℃ high temperature self-cleaning function, it can largely reduce the air conditioning odor, maintaining fresh air, healthy and comfortable home environment.

Not only that, it can also be connected to the phone through the APP for remote control, move your hands to achieve the operation, no need to move, and do not have to find the remote control, can be described as a lazy person must.

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