Why you must have a heating system!


Whenever the temperature drops off a cliff, homes with heating systems are sure to be envied repeatedly.

There are always questions about what exactly the benefits of a heating system are.

There are many ways to keep warm alone, such as wearing more clothes, fireplace,air conditioning, small sunsets, etc.

However, none of them compare to a heating system. When it comes to heating systems, there's so much to boast about!


1、The best sense of comfort 

The heating system gives people a good feeling of warm feet and cool head, which is in line with the heat environment required by the human body to dissipate heat, which improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism and has an inhibiting effect on cardiovascular diseases; it is especially suitable for the elderly and children, and has a more preventive effect on patients with arthritis and old cold legs.

2、Clean and hygienic 

The heating system is dissipated by the ground, the indoor temperature distribution decreases from bottom to top, the temperature of the indoor thermal environment is uniform, clean and hygienic, avoiding the dust and volatile odour caused by indoor air convection.


3、Economic and energy-saving

The heat is mainly transferred by radiation during the heating process, so the indoor temperature distribution is reasonable and the ineffective heat loss is low; the heat medium is transported at a low temperature, so the heat loss during the transport process is low; under the same comfort conditions, the interior design temperature is 2 to 3°C lower than the traditional convection heating interior design temperature, and the heat consumption can be saved by about 15%.

4、Wide range of heat sources, low temperature requirement of heat sources 

Can make full use of residual hot water, geothermal water, solar collector hot water, ground energy, wall-hanging furnace, air energy, etc.

5、does not occupy the use of area, save space 

Traditional convection heating, air-conditioning pipe decoration each occupies a certain amount of indoor space, affecting the interior decoration and furniture arrangement, while the heating system will be heating coils buried in the floor, does not affect the indoor aesthetics, does not occupy indoor space, easy to decorate and furniture arrangement. 


6、Good thermal stability 

The filling layer has a large heat storage capacity, and under intermittent heating conditions, the temperature changes slowly so that the indoor temperature remains stable.

7、Reduces floor noise 

Underfloor heating increases the insulation layer and has a very good sound insulation effect.

8、Independent control,better adjustability 

There is an independent water collector and distributor, each room has an independent control switch on the water collector and distributor, the switch or temperature adjustment of each room can be carried out through the control switch of the water collector and distributor.


9、Low maintenance and operation cost,simple management and operation, safe and reliable 

Foreign floor heating water supply has: 60℃, 65℃, 70℃, 75℃. China considers the safety and life of floor heating to make provisions: water supply temperature ≤ 60 ℃, temperature difference of 10 ℃. Maintaining a lower water supply temperature and temperature difference between the supply and return water is conducive to improving indoor thermal comfort; conducive to maintaining a larger flow rate of the heat medium, which is convenient to exclude the air in the pipe; conducive to ensuring a uniform ground temperature.

10、Long service life 

The service life of floor heating can be up to 50 years or more, the same life as the building.

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