Why do SMLG’s wax thermostatic elements play a vital role in keeping bathroom products thermostatic?


1.Our wax thermostatic elements are made of purely imported paraffin wax, which is more sensitive to temperature and has a lower attenuation.

2.Guided by our 20-year industry experience, the formulation of wax is more precise and scientific.

3. The filling of the formula wax is done by automatic equipment, with a weight error of ±0.01g.

4. The application of fully automatic production equipment, such as automatic encapsulating, testing, calibration ensure the quality of the thermostatic elements more efficiently.

5. Rubber sealing rings highly resistant against temperature and corrosion improves the performance of our wax thermostatic elements.

6. 304 stainless steel push rod and purple copper material shell, make the performance of wax thermostatic elements stabler.

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