What is the difference between central air conditioning and floor heating?


Many friends have installed floor heating or air conditioning in their homes

As we all know, floor heating, air conditioning, radiator

What is the difference between these heating

Is it necessary to install the heating system after installing the air conditioner

Let's go over it with Smlg


Air conditioner

The advantage of air conditioning is refrigeration

There are great disadvantages in heating

Not warm: when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it is difficult to ensure that the temperature of the human activity area reaches 10-20 degrees. With the air conditioner on, you should wear a cotton-padded jacket and bake the stove.

Unhealthy: the hot air is naturally living and walking, and the air outlet of the air conditioner is high. The heat accumulates in the upper part of the room, and the human body is hot and cold.

Uncomfortable: During the operation of the air conditioner, the water in the air is turned into condensed water and discharged out of the room, and the hot air heats the human body and evaporates the water, which makes the air conditioner room very dry.

No energy saving: Most of the energy of the air conditioner is in the area above the human body. If the same temperature is reached, the air conditioner is equivalent to 2-3 times of the heating.


Underfloor heating

In winter, it is the trend for floor heating to replace air conditioning

Warmer: The area where the human body can easily move up to 18 degrees. You can wear single clothes for the winter in the heating room.

More healthy: cold head and warm feet, promote blood and microcirculation at the end of the body, especially for the elderly and children.

More comfortable: it will not drain indoor water, and there is no wind. It will not make the human body evaporate and lose water, and the human body feels moist.

More energy saving: low use cost, energy saving and environmental protection, can reach the same temperature, heating is only 50% - 30% of the air-conditioning cost.

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