What is a wax thermostatic element?


A wax thermostat element is a device used to control the temperature of a heating system. It consists of a wax pill that is encased in a metal casing to which two wires are attached, one wire to the heating circuit and the other to the thermostat. When the temperature rises above a certain level, the wax pellet melts. When this happens, the wax melts and expands, which allows it to push a spring. This spring then pushes a contact that completes the circuit and allows electricity to flow through the heating system. This heats up the space and keeps it warm until the thermostat turns off the power. When the temperature drops, the wax solidifies again, preventing current from flowing through it. This cools down room until it reaches set temperature again at which point it turns on again.

image.png Wax thermostatic element Cross-section

Valve cross-section and corresponding characteristic curves

Wax thermostats are used in many different applications, including heating water and air 、Military 、Plumbing    、Sanitary 、  Automobile、Shipping、  Air Conditioning ext。

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