What can air source heat pumps do with different outlet water temperature sections?


Air energy heat pump technology has a history of more than 30 years, with the continuous breakthrough and improvement of technology, air energy heat pump technology is also used in many fields. In recent years, the continuous promotion of "coal to electricity" project, air energy heat pump in the heating industry has been rapid development, as we all know, air energy heat pump uses water circulation as a heat transfer medium, can process water temperature to 0 °C-90 °C, so under different water temperature conditions, can be used in different scenarios.

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The main working scenarios and temperatures of air energy:

Central air conditioning refrigeration, the temperature is 15°C-20°C

Ordinary central air conditioning focuses on refrigeration, while air energy heat pumps are mainly used for heating, but the wide water production capacity of air energy heat pumps makes it have good cooling and heating capacity. When working in summer, the evaporator area of the air energy heat pump, the air change volume, and the area of the fins are much larger than the ordinary central air conditioner, at this time, through the conversion of the four-way reversing valve, the evaporator of the outdoor host becomes a condenser, the heat dissipation area of the condenser is larger than the ordinary central air conditioner, and the heat dissipation performance is also greater, so the effect of refrigeration is not inferior to ordinary central air conditioning, and the air conditioning outlet mode of the water system is softer, the temperature difference is smaller, and the impact on indoor humidity is also small, and the same reaches the condition of indoor refrigeration temperature. Comfort is higher than ordinary central air conditioning.


Heated hot water in the swimming pool, the temperature is 26°C-28°C

The improvement of living conditions, more and more people pay more attention to comfortable home life, winter also has the need for swimming, but need a constant temperature of better swimming pool water temperature, for the swimming pool water temperature between 26 ° C -28 ° C is not difficult, but will consider more energy saving. Compared with the traditional boiler plate exchanger to heat the swimming pool, can play a good constant temperature effect, but the boiler firing low-temperature water is not a strong point, will bring frequent start and lower combustion efficiency, and air energy heat pump is different, firing low-temperature water is more energy-saving in comparison, operating costs can be saved up to more than half.


Underfloor heating and domestic hot water at a temperature of 35°C-50°C

The best state of air energy heat pump is to provide hot water below 45 ° C, at this time in the working state, air energy heat pump energy efficiency ratio is high, energy saving is strong, and the operation is more stable, which is also the main reason for the use of air energy heat pump in large system domestic hot water (schools, dormitories, hotels, factories, etc.).

It is often said that the water supply temperature of floor heating is between 50 ° C and 60 ° C, which is also the most efficient period for wall hanging furnace heating, and when the floor heating water supply temperature reaches 45 ° C, the efficiency of heating is already very high, and the air energy heat pump with floor heating adopts a small flow rate and large temperature difference, and the monthly heating cost can save more than 50% of the cost compared with electric heating, and more than 30% of the cost compared to gas wall furnace heating. If the floor heating with better heat dissipation is used in the room, the air energy heat pump water supply temperature can be reduced to 35 °C, and the energy saving will be higher.

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Agricultural greenhouses and animal husbandry, the temperature is about 50 ° C

Agricultural greenhouses and animal husbandry in winter need a temperature of about 50 ° C, and traditional heating equipment needs to use coal-fired hot blast furnaces, not only high energy consumption, pollution is also relatively large, but also need special personnel to guard uninterruptedly, the temperature can not maintain a long period of stability, temperature fluctuations are easy to bring serious losses, the use of other electric heating equipment also has high energy consumption problems, and there are potential safety hazards.

The air energy heat pump can be equipped with floor heating, radiators and fan coils, which not only heats up relatively evenly, but also heats up relatively quickly, but also intelligently senses and controls the temperature in the shed, and the safety hazards are relatively small, without special management. Of course, the initial investment of air energy heat pump equipment will be a little larger, but the stability of heating reduces the risk of loss caused by temperature fluctuations, and the energy consumption used is relatively low and cleaner.

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The radiator system is heated at a temperature of 65°C-80°C

The radiator is one of the ends of the air energy heat pump heating, and the radiator flows with high-temperature water, which releases heat and raises the indoor temperature. There are more materials of radiators, there are iron radiators, steel radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators and copper radiators, because the heat transfer mode of radiators belongs to convection and radiation, no fan coil hot air blows quickly, and there is no floor heating temperature to uniform. Therefore, radiators to reach indoor temperature, need to provide water temperature above 60 ° C to achieve indoor heat demand, the use of air energy heat pump to drive the radiator, need to consume more electrical energy in exchange for heat, the larger the area of the house, the more radiators are needed, the higher the energy consumption, at this time, the radiator as the heat dissipation end, ordinary air energy heat pump has been difficult to achieve the use of energy saving, need to use high temperature cascade heat pump to meet.

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The application of air energy heat pump covers household and commercial hot water, heating, refrigeration, constant temperature greenhouse, drying, drying, high temperature heat pump, industrial special heat pump, constant temperature preservation, complementary energy, waste heat recovery and other fields, and based on heating technology, it continues to extend outward, and has penetrated into the home appliance industry, air conditioning industry, solar energy industry and electric energy heating industry and other fields. With the attention of all walks of life to "energy conservation and emission reduction" and "clean energy", the application field of air energy heat pumps is still increasing, and in the future, air energy heat pumps will show their talents in the field of cooling and heating.

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