What are the three main features of solar water heater mixing valve


Water heaters have brought great convenience to mankind and have improved people's standard of living, so water heaters have been installed in every home. The water heater is familiar to people, but when it comes to the water heater mixing valve, people may be confused. So, today, please allow me to give you some knowledge about the water heater mixing valve.


Water heater mixing valve - what is the water heater mixing valve

Role: Mixing valve is a valve that mixes hot and cold water, widely used in electric water heaters, solar water heaters and geothermal heating water system. Products are widely used in electric water heaters, solar water heaters and geothermal heating water systems. Users can adjust the mixing temperature of hot and cold water according to their needs, the required temperature can be quickly reached and stabilized, to ensure that the water temperature is constant, and is not affected by changes in water temperature, flow, water pressure, to solve the problem of hot and cold water temperature in the bathing center, when the cold water is interrupted, the mixing valve can automatically turn off the hot water within a few seconds, playing a safety protection role.

Structure: a temperature control mixing valve, which includes a valve body with hot water inlet, cold water inlet and mixed water outlet, with a spool in the middle of the valve body at the intersection, the spool has a handle fixed on the stem, with a regulating screw on the valve body outside the spool, the regulating screw through the valve body and the spool rotating body, with a flow adjustment device in the inlet, flow adjustment device with a pipe joint connected to the inlet, in There is a piston inside the pipe joint, the piston also sliding set of adjusting body, adjusting the body of the wall with flow adjustment holes, adjusting body and the outer edge of the piston is equipped with compression springs.

After the water temperature is adjusted: When the water temperature is adjusted, the rotating body of the spool is fixed by the adjusting screw, so that the water temperature will not change by mistake, and there is no need to re-adjust it when it is used next time, and the water inlet is also equipped with a flow adjustment device to ensure that the water inlet remains unchanged, thus keeping the water temperature constant.


Water heater mixing valve - installation considerations

 The general pressurized water heater in the hot water at the same time into the cold water, is to rely on the pressure of cold water to hot water "top" out, this principle and whether you install a mixing valve is not related at all. The role of the mixing valve is to adjust the water temperature, such as the machine when the water temperature is too high (generally the water temperature of the human body bathing at about 42 degrees) can be mixed with a portion of cold water by turning the handle of the mixing valve to adjust to a comfortable water temperature. As for your electric water heater will wash the cooler, there are two reasons, one is that you do not heat the temperature is not high enough, may only heat to 40 degrees, the second is the construction of the water heater decision, now common is the horizontal electric water heater, its design determines the heating and water way is not reasonable, if the vertical electric water heater will be much better. 


Water heater mixing valve - water heater mixing valve features

Comfortable and energy-saving: thermostatic mixing valve is commonly used in Europe heating or bathroom system hot water system, in the system to adjust the ratio of cold and hot water supply mix, to avoid scalding due to high water discharge temperature, so that the system is more comfortable and energy-saving.

Easy to adjust: In China, many customers use it in the floor heating system of small apartments as a simple mixing unit, because it is easy to install, the equipment occupies much less space compared to the mixing combination unit, easy to adjust, widely acclaimed in the user base.

Easy to operate: in the bathroom single handle hot and cold water mixing application is more advantages, maintain a constant water temperature just a simple operation handle screwed to your desired scale.

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