Tips on Pressure Relief Valve


Pressure Relief Valve is also known as self-balancing valve, flow control valve, flow controller, dynamic balance valve, flow balance valve, is an intuitive and simple flow adjustment control device, the application of flow regulating valve in the pipe network can be directly based on the design to set the flow, the valve can be under the action of water, automatically eliminate the remaining pressure head of the pipeline and the flow deviation caused by pressure fluctuations, regardless of how the system pressure changes are maintained set flow Unchanged, the valve these functions make the pipe network flow adjustment once completed, effectively solve the hydraulic disorder of the pipe network. Flow control valve is mainly used in: centralized heating (cooling) and other water systems, so that the flow of the network according to demand distribution, to eliminate the water system hydraulic imbalance, to solve the problem of uneven heat and cold.


Working principle

By receiving the signal from the industrial automation control system (such as: 4 ~ 20mA) to drive the valve to change the size of the cross-sectional area between the spool and the valve seat to control the pipeline medium flow, temperature, pressure and other process parameters. Realize the automatic adjustment function.


Due to the advantages of pneumatic control valves such as intrinsic explosion-proof and reliable performance, domestic and foreign control valves are still mainly pneumatic.


Self-acting pressure regulating valve because it does not need other external energy sources such as power supply, gas source, only rely on the medium's own energy to drive, both energy-saving and environmental protection, easy to use, set the pressure value after installation can be put into automatic operation, so in the control accuracy requirements are not high, and the lack of power, gas source, the occasion, has been more and more widely used.


As the name implies, the so-called small flow control valve is a control valve with a small flow capacity.


Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry and other industrial sectors and urban heating, heating systems. This product can be used as a pressure control device for non-corrosive [maximum temperature 350 ℃] liquids, gases and steam and other media.

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