Thermostats - control the temperature you want at all times


The thermostat, which is the temperature control device for electric floor heating, ensures that the electric floor heating system runs safely, comfortably and energy efficiently.

As the heating cable is purely resistance heated, it runs at full power as soon as it is energised. However, we do not need to run 24 hours a day during actual use, and we cannot manually control the switch. This is when thermostats were invented.

Room thermostats are a great way to reduce energy bills and gas consumption. In fact, studies have shown that a smart thermostat can save you up to 12% on your energy costs.

Today we will give you a detailed introduction to the "brain" of an electric underfloor heating system - the thermostat.


1. Working principle

The temperature of the room is collected by the temperature sensor, and then the collected temperature is compared with the temperature set by the user. When the collected temperature is lower than the set temperature, the thermostat automatically opens and the heating cable starts to heat up; on the contrary, when the collected temperature is higher or equal to the set temperature, the thermostat automatically closes and the system stops heating.

2. Features


Automatically switch on and off every day at regular intervals in advance or on a delayed basis to adjust the temperature, eliminating the need for manual operation, most necessary for working families.


Automatic adjustment of room temperature in the morning, afternoon and evening every day, eliminating the embarrassment of waiting for the temperature to rise and fall.

③Energy saving

Accurate room temperature control, coupled with time-sharing, fixed room temperature, on-demand operation, using the evening valley price of electricity to warm up the room, and automatically maintain a low temperature of 15 ℃ during the day when no one is home.


3. Types

There are three broad types on the market today: weekly programmable thermostats, wireless WiFi thermostats and 485 protocol thermostats.

Weekly programmable thermostats

The weekly programmable time-of-day control floor heating thermostat, with a cycle of one week, can set 6 time periods per day with the corresponding set temperature and can be changed to manual or temporary control operation mode, is currently above is the most mainstream thermostat.

It not only ensures comfort, but also reflects energy saving, environmental protection and health. And has many personalised demand functions, such as: the choice of working mode (single or double break, no break), advance pre-heating, energy consumption monitoring, key locking and other functions.

Wireless WiFi thermostat

Using RF wireless 433MHz transmission, wireless connection, no need to arrange the wire slot, and humane installation, can be on the wall, can be placed on the table, neat and beautiful. Touch button operation, more flexible, more experience. The mobile phone app can also be controlled remotely, intelligent and convenient.

485 protocol thermostat

The 485 protocol thermostat detects the room temperature through the NTC (negative temperature system) temperature sensor inside the thermostat and compares it with the user's set temperature in real time. The main feature is that it can be connected to the whole house intelligent home system through the 485 communication interface and can automatically adjust the heating and cooling, fresh air, humidification and other intelligent home on or off at the same time, so as to keep the indoor constant temperature, humidity and oxygen.


SMLG's thermostats, which support weekly programmable thermostats, wireless WiFi thermostats and 485 protocol thermostats, are available on request.


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