The role of the thermostatic mixing valve


There are very few families that do not have a water heater installed in their home, but very few pay extra attention to the problem of the water heater mixing valve and the problems that can arise when using it. The thermostatic mixing valve is an important part of the water heater, so extra attention needs to be paid to its safe use. So what exactly is the role of the thermostatic mixing valve?


Application of thermostatic mixing valve

The product is widely used in electric water heater mixing valve, solar water heater and geothermal heating water system. Users can adjust the mixing temperature of hot and cold water according to their needs, the required temperature can be quickly reached and stabilized, to ensure that the water temperature is constant, and is not affected by changes in water temperature, flow, water pressure, to solve the problem of hot and cold water temperature in the bathing centre, when the cold water is interrupted, the mixing valve can automatically turn off the hot water within a few seconds, playing a safety protection role.

The role of the thermostatic mixing valve

Constant temperature mixing valve - waterproof pressure fluctuations

The original design of hot and cold water equal pressure fluctuations, so that the temperature and flow of water from the thermostatic mixing valve is not affected by changes in the water pressure of the hot and cold sources, effectively solving the problem of importing and domestic products of the same type in the hot and cold water at both ends need to add a balancing device, so that the working pressure at both ends of the valve match.

The valve spool is made of silicone material, which solves the disadvantage of forming scale on the metal itself in similar products. Ca2+, Mg2+ plasma does not easily penetrate into the polymer chain of silica gel, so it is difficult for scale to form, i.e. it cannot adhere to the surface of silica gel. The unique structure of the valve line cavity allows the valve to be easily flushed without dismantling the valve even if there is scale inside, effectively improving the sensitivity of the valve and ensuring the effective life of the valve.  

Thermostatic mixing valve - anti-scald

When the cold water supply is suddenly interrupted and the hot water temperature is higher than the set temperature, the mixing valve can quickly shut off the hot water supply, thus avoiding hot water scalding and the response time is much higher than similar products (foreign mixing valves and imitation products take a few seconds for the hot water to stop, while the SMLG mixing valve stops instantly), making it truly foolproof and safe.

The above briefly explains the use and role of thermostatic mixing valve, not only in the use of resource-saving aspects, but also to be able to put forward some requirements on safety issues, so that not only can help users in the use of the time to be able to pay attention to, but also in the security risks make users more attention, so this is also very important and easy to ignore.

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