Stainless steel manifold versus ordinary manifold


In domestic underfloor heating systems, both underfloor heating pipes and underfloor heating manifolds are relatively important and play a vital role if you want your domestic underfloor heating to function properly. In fact, there are two types of underfloor heating manifold on the market: stainless steel and brass.

Stainless steel, compared to brass, has a stable physical and chemical properties, not easy to oxidation, not easy to corrosion, not easy to fade, which makes stainless steel products more robust and durable, from the nature of the material, to solve many of the defects of brass products. However, stainless steel processing is difficult and has strict standards and requirements for processing accuracy, so brass products still occupy most of the market.


Stainless steel floor heating manifold: high corrosion resistance, and has a stronger impact resistance, can withstand hammering and thermal expansion and contraction, no leakage and no explosion, high temperature resistance, good insulation performance, warranty period of 5 years, high cost performance.

Brass floor heating manifold: higher corrosion resistance, but brass manifold and water together for a long time, will be easy to produce rust, brass manifold general warranty period of 2-3 years.


The difference between stainless steel and brass manifold

Difference one: whether rust oxidation different

Stainless steel is not oxidation will not rust, the real 304 stainless steel for many years will not change colour.

Copper is to oxidation to produce copper green, most brass manifold a few months darkened, was oxidized.

Difference two: the main diameter size is different

General stainless steel water distributor in charge of the caliber up to 40; brass water distributor in charge of the caliber is generally 25, a few for 32.

Difference three: the warranty period is different

Overall, the real not 304 stainless steel distributor warranty period than brass long (currently on the market is such), although can not say that the stainless steel distributor life is longer, but the current market does brass distributor general warranty period of 2-3 years, stainless steel distributor warranty period to 5 years.

Product recommendations

SMLG stainless steel manifold is made of high quality 304 stainless steel with advanced one-piece forming process, low failure rate of accessories, easy replacement and strong adaptability of functional accessories. The product has stable physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, no rust, the life of the manifold more than 100 years.

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