Meet the New Tankless Water Heater Technology


Water is a vital item in the household. Many daily activities involve water, as simple as if you want to take a shower or wash the dishes. In most countries, hot water is not only a general water resource but also one of the primary needs of life. Do you often get bored if you run out of hot water? Of course, this will ruin your mood. You had better switch to a tankless water heater. Now, there are many technological innovations in heaters so that they are more efficient and sophisticated. What are the technological advances in this type of heater?

1. The Latest Technology in Tankless Water Heaters

Often, the water heater in your home experiences problems. For example, the water doesn’t flow or runs out when you need it. The heater in your home may also not be compact, so it takes up a lot of space. The latest solution you can try is to install a tank-free water heater. The unit is very compact and more efficient than the conventional type.

If most households install water heaters using the conventional method (filling the tank and heating it), it will be very wasteful. For example, a family member is taking a hot shower while another is soaking in hot water. It will take a lot of time to wait for the tank to empty until it heats up again. That is the need for continuous adjustment and innovation in water heaters. The following are technological innovations in tankless water heaters.

1.1 A More Efficient Work System

Today’s tankless heaters can work as much as 17 percent more efficiently than first-generation tankless heaters. That is because there is an efficiency in the exhaust system that can capture more thermal energy before leaving the ventilation system. Even though the price is 25 percent more expensive, this effort will continue to develop. It means that this device will become more efficient.

1.2 Control It with Wi-Fi

One of the ways to use the latest technology in tankless water heaters is by using a Wi-Fi connection to adjust the temperature and other settings just via your smartphone. When your device experiences problems, this unit can identify it. This way, you will respond more quickly to issues that arise so that repair costs will be cheaper.

If you have forgotten the timing for descaling, the feature on this unit will tell you the time. It is very effective and makes things easier for you, especially if you are a high-mobility person.

1.3 Produces Hot Water Very Quickly

Believe it or not, tankless heaters only need 15 seconds to process ordinary water into hot water. Then, wait a short while until the water flows from the tap and is ready for you to use.

You can also adjust the distance between heaters and other equipment to save and reduce waiting time. Furthermore, you can also use a smartphone or motion sensor to turn on the pump. Water will flow into the pipes and through the heating system. When you open the tap, hot water will flow in seconds.

2. Do You Plan to Install a Tankless Water Heater? Check the Guides!

The advantages of this type of water heater are likely to motivate more people to install similar items in their homes. However, instead of just following the trend, you should pay attention to important points so you don’t lose money afterward.

  1. When considering the costs of tankless water heaters, the type and installation requirements play a significant role in determining the price. So what is the price of a pot water heater? The average purchase price of no electric water heaters ranges from $ 600 to $ 1,000. In contrast, the cost of propionians usually costs between 1,000 and $ 2,000, and the price of natural gas units is slightly higher, ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 2,600. These figures can vary based on facts like unit size, brand, and specific installation needs.

  1. The installation without a tank cannot be careless. It will be very beneficial for you to utilize the services and energy of professionals in this field. Why? It is quite a complex job that requires precise calculations. Professional workers help you arrange water connections, ventilation systems, and gas that are safe from leaks and organize cable circuits and circuit breakers. It depends on what type of tankless heater you choose. The point is, this job is serious. This point means you need sufficient funds to hire these experts.

  1. You should pay attention to the warranty and the average lifespan of this type of water heater. Gas water heaters should be able to function for up to 20 years or more. It has an average lifetime of two or three times longer than tank-powered heaters. However, electric tankless heaters generally operate well for seven to ten years.

  1. You can buy a new unit at a shop that provides heaters and accessories like pipes, cables, etc. You can also get it from the market, but you should choose it wisely by paying attention to the rating, brand, and many other factors.

  1. What you can’t miss is the maintenance side of the unit. Of course, we want durable products to save money and not worry about. You can use annual maintenance to clean or replace the water and air filters and check other components.

Technological developments, including water heating systems, have a positive impact, although on the other hand, there are always disadvantages. Finally, in choosing a tankless water heater or changing from a unit with to a unit without a tank, several points are significant for every consumer to consider. You can consult before making this decision with an expert so that it meets your expectations.

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