Manual and Automatic Opening Thermal Actuator


At the end of 2021, SMLG’s engineers developed a new thermal actuator—the manual and automatic opening thermal actuator(920062PL). Many customers asked why there is such a product design idea, there I will tell you the story that how it was born.

Since the outbreak of the worldwide epidemic in 2020, the price of shipping and air freight has continued up, and customers are suffering from cost overruns, so our team started to think about two aspects: 

1.How to help customers save from the product price? 

2.How to help customers to save the fund from product transportation costs? 

From the price of products, most people may reduce the quality of the materials to achieve the purpose of saving, but SMLG decided to adjust the product structure—without changing the material and function of the premise, we simplified the original product internal structure, reduced the product volume, thus saved production costs to achieve the first point of customer demand. Because of it, at the same time, the weight of the original 100 thermal actuators in a large carton reached 13.8 kg, but now it only needs 11 kg: reducing the cost of transportation by 3 kg! Thus greatly reducing the customer's product costs, but also solve the second problem.

Of course, we also upgraded the function of the product itself based on the two problems: The users can operate the thermal actuator manually so as not to affect the normal use of their heating needs if they encountered a power outage or temporary equipment failure.

920062PL manual and automatic opening thermal actuator reveal an excellent performance, whether in gas or air heating. If combined with our central control box together, the energy-saving effect will be more obvious. SMLG always focuses on Comfort, Energy, and Innovation. Every detail will bring users a better experience!


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