How many degrees is the most energy efficient floor heating thermostat setting?


A few days ago a customer asked me: How do you set the floor heating thermostat of Smlg? How many degrees is the most appropriate setting? Is it all the temperature allowed by the thermostat?

In fact, there are rules to set the temperature of floor heating, if the temperature is high, it will waste gas, if the temperature is low, it will not feel good.

How many degrees should be set in the end?


The energy consumption of floor heating is not only affected by the insulation of the building, floor heating design and floor heating installation, but also closely related to the user's usage habits.

Today I will bring you a few tips on the use of floor heating.

1. Reasonable temperature setting

The higher the temperature of floor heating is set, the more energy consumption increases. According to experimental evidence, after 18℃, for every 1℃ increase in floor heating temperature, energy consumption increases by 3~5%, so it is not recommended to set the indoor temperature too high.

GJ standard tells us: indoor in winter at 20 ~ 24 ℃ physical feeling will be more comfortable, so the living room and other areas of frequent activities set 20 ~ 24 ℃.

The bedroom can be 1~2℃ lower than the living room, and when no one is at home, the temperature is adjusted down by 3~5℃, and then back to normal when you go home. This can ensure the comfort of heating, and the gas bill is not too high.


2. Window and door use

Winter has the habit of opening windows for ventilation, and windows and doors are one of the main leakage points of indoor heat, so opening windows for ventilation in winter should not be too frequent.

If the home is installed with a new air system, it can be ventilated by fresh air; if it is not installed with new air, then try to ventilate at noon when the sun is sunny.

3. Heating on demand

If there are more rooms using underfloor heating, you can turn off the underfloor heating in the rooms you are not using to avoid wasting heat. In general, turning on floor heating in three rooms will consume less energy than turning on four rooms.


4. Regular maintenance

The long-term stable operation of floor heating is inseparable from regular maintenance, and regular maintenance is conducive to maintaining the efficient and energy-saving operation of floor heating.

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