Get the 4 details of using HVAC for a worry-free winter!


Winter wants to get as warm as spring

We need to design and plan before the renovation!

The following 4 tips

We need to take a small notebook to write down!


Select HVAC equipment ahead of time

In order to create a better quality of life, many families now use large whole HVAC equipment for the winter.

Large whole HVAC equipment varies, and the heating method is also different, generally divided into two types of electric HVAC equipment and water heating HVAC equipment.


Electric heating type HVAC

Electric HVAC relies on electricity to provide heat, which is quick to heat up, convenient to switch on and off, and more rapid for temporary heating, but because large whole electric HVAC equipment is generally heated by area, the larger the area, the greater the energy consumption, and cannot provide domestic hot water. Therefore, this kind of electric HVAC equipment is more suitable for families who are not at home for a long time, or do not need to use HVAC heating for a long time.


Water heating type HVAC

Water heating type HVAC equipment has a large heating area, no electric heat radiation, long heating time, and domestic hot water can be completely solved. Water heating type HVAC installation cost and use experience, the overall cost performance is relatively good. Think about this big winter, open the cage head to have hot water, happiness is still quite high!


Water heating HVAC equipment is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient, so we recommend water heating HVAC equipment, which is generally divided into: water heating floor heating and water heating radiators.


Choose water heating type floor heating

If you choose water heating type floor heating as the HVAC equipment at home, we need to determine the design of the renovation in the early stages, because the floor heating as a home furnishing of the pan concealed project, floor heating pipes can only be installed and laid in accordance with the completion of the renovation nodes, so you have to let the designer in the decoration before the unified planning.


Otherwise, only later remember to install floor heating, you need to pry open the floor to lay floor heating pipes, as well as re-plan and deal with other "complications", the complexity of the trouble is equivalent to half of the concealed works again, think about it will be numb!


Choose water heating type heater

Seemingly better installation of the heater, but also because of the renovated house and unfurnished house in the installation and the difference, divided into: concealed heater and open installation of the heater, the two heating pipes will be laid in a different way.

At the early stage of the decoration, we choose to install the heater, we can go through the designer, integrated design and planning, the heating pipes of the heater can be hidden inside the design, so that the insulation effect comes better, but also can be completely integrated with the overall home furnishing, which is often said: concealed type heater, this form of installation, will not damage the overall appearance of the home furnishing, better aesthetics.


If you are ready to install the heater only after the renovation, you can only install the open-fitting heater, and later, although it is easier to overhaul and take care of, but because the restrictions are quite a lot, the installation difficulty will also increase accordingly, the heating pipes will be exposed to go, the heating effect will also be exposed because of the pipes to dissipate heat faster, so the heating quality will also have a certain discount.


And the choice of HVAC equipment lies in what kind of heating needs does your own home have? What kind of HVAC equipment do you want to choose? Is it enough to choose one HVAC equipment? Or a combination of HVAC equipment heating? All are issues that we need to think and plan in advance.

So it is recommended that you select the HVAC equipment as early as possible before the renovation, you can work together with the designer to do a good job planning for the new home, and strive to maximize the heating effect, maximize the aesthetic effect, but also facilitate the construction progress of the later renovation projects.


Installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment

HVAC products are a whole system, the main product needs to be of excellent quality, the related accessories also need to be of excellent quality, to eliminate different materials, brands of heaters haphazardly grafted mixed installation, prone to a series of chain reactions, such as water leakage, thermal conductivity problems, system instability and other problems. We should choose a reliable brand. In this regard, SMLG unified custom planning, can let everyone get more perfect excellent product quality and service guarantee.


Regardless of whether it is an open or concealed type of water heater, we must carefully check the heater's interface and valve to see if there are gaps to avoid over-tightening and causing water leakage due to gasket damage.


Installation of water heating type heaters, all must go through the pressure test and pressure-holding treatment to check the leakage, to ensure that we in the subsequent life use, to eliminate the hidden danger of leakage.


HVAC central processor maintenance

Water heating type floor heating and radiators, both with water as the heating medium, relying on gas wall-hung boilers as the central processor to control, it has a strong central heating function, is the real water heating type HVAC equipment "central brain".

Gas wall-hung boilers as the "central brain", intelligent and energy-saving, can meet the whole room temperature control, but also to meet the temperature control of individual rooms: water heating floor heating only need to install the corresponding temperature control panel in different rooms, you can achieve control of the temperature of individual rooms; water heating radiators in the radiator on a single switch, you can directly switch, very convenient. Very convenient.

At the same time, gas wall heaters can also provide families with a large amount of constant and clean hot water, kitchen water, bathroom water can be solved.

Gas wall-hung boilers because there has been water flow through, so the generation of scale deposits is unavoidable, in order to ensure the heating effect and water hygiene, we use gas wall-hung boilers after 2-3 years, the need for its scale cleaning and cleaning maintenance.

Regular maintenance and "physical examination", can help gas wall-hung boilers have been in efficient and benign operation, but also in time to check the occurrence of security risks, to extend the life of the equipment.


Installation location of HVAC equipment

Different from what we thought, thought that HVAC equipment should be installed in a more confined place to warm, but in fact, the effect of the heater installed in the ventilation will only be better, and because of the principle of warm air going up, so the height of the heater installation should be low rather than high.

Home heaters are generally installed in the entrance, under the windowsill, under the dormer window, next to the balcony, the wall next to the dining table and other places, which is the use of the heater relies on the principle of radiation heat and convection heat dissipation, the use of smooth air circulation, convection air, heating can be well spread out, so that the room can always maintain a warm and hot effect.


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