Electric water heater installation thermostatic valve, solve the bath when the hot and cold


Have you ever encountered such a situation: when taking a bath, the water temperature is always hot and cold. Many people have electric water heaters installed in their homes, but when they take a bath, they don't know what's wrong and the temperature is not adjusted properly. It's really hard to have a comfortable hot bath!


In fact, by adding a thermostatic valve to your electric water heater, you can solve this problem. The result is very good.


So what is a thermostatic valve? Let me explain briefly. It's actually a device that can be installed on the hot and cold water pipes of an electric water heater. By comparing the temperature you set with the current sensed temperature, it controls the amount of hot and cold water that comes out to stop the water from getting hot and cold and to stabilise the water temperature.

What can be achieved? The water temperature is self-regulating, adjusting the knob when in use and then stabilising at a comfortable temperature, around 38 to 50 degrees Celsius. With a constant flow of warm hot water, there will be no more problems with hot and cold showers.

In addition, it also has a water-saving effect. Every time we take a bath, we need to drain the water for a period of time first. During this time, we not only have to wait, but also waste water. Isn't that a bad deal when you think about it? However, if your electric water heater is fitted with a thermostatic valve, you don't have to wait while you take a shower. It helps to get water out quickly, saves water and time, and also saves on electricity bills.

The thermostatic valve is also very easy to install. You just need to turn the hot and cold ends to correspond with the inlet and outlet of the water pipe of your electric water heater, taking care not to reverse it, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

No more worrying about hot and cold showers! Install a thermostatic valve to your electric water heater and it's an easy solution. It's easy to install, the temperature doesn't jump, and the constant temperature is always maintained, greatly enhancing bathing comfort.


Of course, when choosing a thermostatic valve, you should be careful to choose one made by a regular manufacturer.

SMLG produces thermostatic water valves that comply with EN1111 EN1999 and QB2606-2006 standards, automatic shut-off in the event of hot or cold water failure, high flow rate, low pressure drop , temperature stability between ±2°C, and integral check valves and filters, making them the thermostatic valves of choice.

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