Easier, stronger, faster! Smlg opens a new era of electrothermal actuators!


Electric heating actuator is a commonplace old product in the HVAC industry, and is widely used in the field of floor heating and water circuit connection, air conditioning water circuit connection. Previously, it was more controlled by the room thermostat, and the temperature value was used as the switching amount, which contributed to the realization of indoor constant temperature and energy saving. The traditional manual electric heating actuator can work stably under most conventional working conditions to meet the design and use functions. However, as a normally closed power mechanism, once it encounters extraordinary circumstances, such as a sudden power failure, it will cause the actuator to be closed and cannot be opened.

In the long summer, the normally closed actuator for heating is usually closed by power off, which is of course normal, but from the perspective of the manifold, the spring of the branch spool is squeezed to the limit for up to half a year, so when the heating season comes, there may be a drop in spring return force that causes the spool to fail to open.


In the currently commonly used two-generation system, the design working pressure is much greater than that of the ordinary boiler heating system. So can we still use the conventional actuators of the past? Apparently not!

Because the entire water system is connected, the manifold you use for heating in winter is not allowed to enter the ground in summer, otherwise there will be a great risk of condensation! (except for radiant refrigeration systems), but although the ordinary electric heating actuator is controlled by the thermostat to close the valve, the insufficient shut-off force will inevitably lead to cold water leakage into the ground.

How to solve it? The manual high-thrust electric thermal actuator developed by Michel over three years was prepared and designed for this condition. It can be fully on or off in 60 seconds and a long-term working pressure of 6 kg: fast and fierce!


The progress of the industry and the development of society are supported by the upgrading and evolution of basic products. Fortunately, we have made a huge improvement in the response time of the incubator in the actuator for HVAC efficiency.

The accessories are just green leaves, and they should also be made into flowers.

Let's start from the basic products, with innovative technology, simple design, exquisite technology, to provide the most beautiful appearance, the best performance, and achieve the best experience for the good system!

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