Don't forget to install floor heating when decorating your new house!


With the improvement of living standards,

People have also upgraded the quality of their homes,

When the temperature is below zero, the air conditioning heating will make people feel unsatisfactory,

Air conditioning has gradually become the traditional mode of refrigeration and heating,

At this time, the appearance of floor heating not only makes up for

The deficiency of air conditioning in heating,

The comfort of household heating has been improved,

Today, let's talk about six reasons for choosing floor heating:



Floor heating is recognized as the most comfortable heating method,

Ergonomic underfloor heating,

Follow the principle of "warm from the foot".



In the harsh winter, no one can refuse

The temptation to walk barefoot on the ground on TV!

If you are the protagonist of this house,

You can't not be impressed!



Floor heating makes up for the inherent shortcomings of air conditioning in heating:

If the temperature is too low in winter, air conditioning heating is not ideal,

At that time, with floor heating, your home is still warm!



Floor heating is very healthy, suitable for the elderly and children:

The elderly and children generally have weak physical resistance,

Floor heating can prevent diseases such as rheumatic legs in the elderly,

Prevent children's chilblains, etc.,

For the elderly and children, floor heating is definitely the best choice.



Long service life and stable use of floor heating:

The service life of general floor heating is more than 50 years,

Without accidents, the life of floor heating is similar to the life of buildings,

There is no need to replace the heating equipment,

It can be done once and for all.



Floor heating does not affect the beauty of the interior:

Floor heating is laid under the floor,

Only occupies a certain floor height,

It will not affect the personality decoration effect of the interior.


Floor heating is the same as central air conditioning,

All need to start before the renovation,

So don't wait until it's cold to think of floor heating,

When the time comes, go over the wall and fall to the ground,

Pay for one's whistle

Floor heating as a concealed project,

Installation should be carried out in parallel with renovation!

So owners who need renovation,

Need to think ahead about whether you need to install underfloor heating?

If you need to, you need to start exploring!

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