A comprehensive introduction to the heating system of the thermostatic mixing valve


Thermostatic mixing valve is a supporting product of heating and heating system, which is widely used in electric water heaters, solar water heaters and central water supply systems. And can be used in electric water heater and solar water heater, users can adjust the temperature of cold and hot water mixing according to their needs, the required temperature can quickly reach and stabilize, to ensure that the outlet temperature is constant, and not affected by water temperature, flow, water pressure changes, to solve the problem of hot and cold water temperature in the bathing center, when the cold water is interrupted, the mixing valve can automatically close the hot water within a few seconds, playing a role in safety protection. 


How it works 

At the mixing outlet of the thermostatic mixing valve, a thermal element is installed, which uses the characteristics of the temperature sensing element to push the valve core in the valve body to move, block or open the water inlet of cold and hot water. When the temperature adjustment knob sets a certain temperature, no matter how the cold and hot water inlet temperature and pressure change, the proportion of cold and hot water entering the outlet also changes, so that the outlet temperature is always kept constant, the temperature control knob can be set arbitrarily within the specified temperature range of the product, and the thermostatic mixing valve will automatically maintain the outlet temperature.


Installation and precautions 

1. The red mark is the hot water inlet. The blue mark is the cold water inlet. 

2. After setting the temperature, if the water temperature or pressure changes, the temperature change value of the outlet water is ±2 °C. 

3. If the hot and cold water pressure is inconsistent, a one-way check valve should be installed at the water inlet to prevent the cold and hot water from stringing each other. 

4. If the pressure difference ratio between cold and hot water exceeds 8:1, a flow limiting pressure reducing valve should be installed on the side with high pressure to ensure that the mixing water valve can be adjusted normally.

5. When selecting and installing, please pay attention to whether the nominal pressure, mixed water temperature range and other requirements are consistent with the product parameters.


Precautions for use and debugging 

1. When debugging the temperature, the outlet flow should be turned on to the maximum. 

2. The positive rotation direction of the adjustment button is cooling, the reverse rotation direction is heating, please pay attention to adjust from the low temperature direction to the high temperature direction for the first time to prevent burns. 

3. The end of the low temperature direction of the adjustment button is to close the hot water, the end of the high temperature direction is to close the cold water, if the hot water temperature is not high, you can turn off the cold water only with hot water bath, but after use should pay attention to the high back to the low temperature area, so as not to burn the next use. 

4. If the inlet pressure of cold and hot water is inconsistent, and a one-way check valve is not installed, please note that after each use, adjust the temperature adjustment button to the end of the low temperature direction, that is, turn off the hot water state, and prevent the hot and cold water from stringing together to the greatest extent. 

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