5 "banes" affecting heat pump power consumption


When buying large home appliances, in addition to paying attention to the price and quality issues, it is the problem of energy consumption. For heat pumps, people often ask, "My home xxx square meters, how much does it cost to operate for a heating season". Today, I will introduce you to some factors that affect the power consumption of air energy heating to minimize unnecessary power loss.


The temperature sensor fails or the probe is installed incorrectly

The air source heat pump heating unit will have a set water temperature temperature, and when it is lower than the set temperature, the main engine will start running. If the temperature sensor fails or is improperly installed due to the error of the installation technician, there will be an error in the detected water inlet temperature, and the host will be running or shut down all the time, and the power consumption will increase.

The size and material of doors and windows, whether the wall is insulated, etc

The size and material of the doors and windows of the building, and whether the wall is insulated will have a great impact on the operating costs. If the insulation effect of the building is poor, the indoor heat is easily lost. In this way, the heat pump unit has to work non-stop, and at the end of the day, the power consumed is naturally very large. If the heat preservation effect is better, the power consumption will naturally be greatly reduced.

Usage habits affect heating costs

The user's usage habits are also inseparable from the level of heating costs. For example, some people set the heating temperature to 20°, while others are used to setting it to 24°. Although the difference is only 4°, for every 1° increase in room temperature, energy consumption will increase by about 10%, so the heating cost of different indoor heating temperatures will be very different in a heating season.

The factors of the heat pump unit itself

The selection of high-quality units will achieve the purpose of saving energy consumption and reducing operating costs. Some units with poor product quality will have false energy consumption levels, and the unit will increase power consumption and increase operating costs when the unit is running.

Some other influencing factors

In addition to some of the above reasons, there will be other reasons, such as serious dust accumulation in the evaporator, and serious scaling of the condenser in areas with poor water quality, which will greatly reduce the heat exchange area and increase power consumption.

The use of heat pump heating, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation problem, and be able to maintain in time, and correct the problems in the use process in time, in order to avoid overpaying electricity bills. The most important thing is that when choosing to buy an air-source heat pump unit, you must choose regular manufacturers and trustworthy products, otherwise you will lose the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce power consumption, and reduce operating costs.

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