10 points must install the benefits of floor heating


Geese fly south, frogs hibernate, squirrels store pine nuts ..... Animals in nature are preparing to spend the winter, and it's time for us to act for winter warmth. When it comes to heating methods, electric blankets and large quilts on the bed, hand warmers in the hands, cotton mops on the feet, air conditioners on the walls, electric heaters around, bloated winter home cotton clothing ...... All of these add up to less than the warmth brought by floor heating. Today to speak in detail about the top ten advantages of floor heating at home, after reading no longer entangled to install floor heating.


1、Healthy and comfortable

Air conditioning relies on hot air to warm up, and mechanical forced blowing makes people feel uncomfortable. While floor heating through the entire ground radiation heat dissipation, indoor temperature distribution from the bottom up gently decreasing, in line with the human body "warm feet top cool" heating needs, giving people a more comfortable heating experience.

2、Clean and hygienic

Air conditioning and electric heating will accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the air and will blow up floating, affecting the quality of the indoor environment. Floor heating uses radiation heat dissipation, avoiding the dust scattering phenomenon caused by convection heating of air conditioners and radiators.

3、Energy saving and high efficiency

Under the same comfort condition, the interior design temperature is 2~3℃ lower than the traditional convection heating interior design temperature, which can save 15% of energy consumption.

4、 Quiet and noiseless

There is no sound at all when the floor heating is running, providing a quiet and high-quality home life for you and your family (especially the elderly and children).


5、Save space

Compared to traditional heating methods such as: air conditioners, radiator heaters and other installation will take up a certain amount of indoor space, and there are potential dangers for children such as bumps and burns. Floor heating will be buried under the floor heating coil, does not affect the indoor aesthetics, does not occupy indoor space, easy to decorate and furniture arrangement.


6、Good thermal stability

Because the floor heating pipe is covered with a filling layer above and an insulation layer below, it can save heat and has good thermal stability, and the indoor temperature changes slowly under the condition of intermittent heating.

7、Reducing floor noise

The structure of floor heating consists of leveling layer, insulation layer, filling layer and floor decoration layer, so it has better sound insulation effect than the floor without floor heating installation.

8、Easy to adjust the temperature

Floor heating has independent water collector and manifold, and each room has an independent control switch on the water collector and manifold, which can be used to switch or adjust the temperature of floor heating in each room through the control switch of the water collector and manifold. Specially recommended German Bole temperature control combination collector and distributor. High standard red antique copper, fine craftsmanship, automatic temperature control, safety and convenience.

9、Simple management and operation

Do not need to be the same as air conditioning, electric heating needs to be timed, electricity costs, floor heating maintenance and running costs are low, simple management and operation, safe and reliable.

10、Long service life

Within the standard temperature and pressure range, the service life of George Fischer floor heating pipes can reach more than 50 years, which is one of the very few floor heating systems in the world that have been in actual use for 50 years.

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