A good house that knows the cold and warmth, so that the ideal life is facing the sun


The times change and the seasons change, and we rush to the city, and our lives become hasty due to the twists and turns of the temperature. The weather is always cloudy, and the sun was shining the day before, and the next day it was snowing thickly. The volatility of temperature will not only affect the ups and downs of mood, but also may cause diseases to trouble, the epidemic environment can not be chosen, comfortable accommodation can be created, so people hope that the temperature can be constant, home life without leaving home, comfortable temperature is more important.

With the advancement of technology, people no longer have to migrate to warm places with the seasons like birds. Nowadays, you can enjoy the life changes brought by technology without leaving home, the constant temperature system, by controlling the internal temperature, humidity and oxygen content of the house to achieve a comfortable environment, the constant temperature and humidity system makes the winter not cold, the summer is not hot, and the temperature is not troubled by temperature all year round.


Pursuing Technological Healthy Housing SMLG sets new standards

At present, livable smart and healthy housing is no longer a gimmick or hype concept, but has sufficient stability and practicality, which can indeed bring people "health, comfort, wisdom, energy saving" and home comfort requirements.

SMLG leads Jincheng Health Smart New Standard Housing with Six Constant (Constant Temperature, Constant Humidity, Constant Oxygen, Constant Quiet, Constant Clean, and Constant Intelligence) system.

SMLG's new technology system can create a healthy and comfortable home environment for home buyers. Traditional heating only plays the role of heating in winter, and the constant temperature and humidity system in addition to making the indoor temperature uniform in winter, no discomfort, but also can play more roles throughout the year, such as cooling and cooling, temperature regulation, air oxygen content adjustment, etc., which are the effects that traditional heating cannot achieve.


The importance of constant temperature is self-evident The indoor four seasons are like spring

The human body is sensing cold and heat at any time, and will make various reactions to changes in temperature, and as a thermostatic animal, in the long process of natural evolution, the human body has produced a set of precision instruments to regulate body temperature, which is the hypothalamus in our brain. Whether it is in the cold winter, hot summer, human body temperature will be maintained between 36-37 degrees, so as to ensure that other tissues and organs in the body can work normally in an orderly manner in different temperature environments, but the human body has a tolerance to the range and duration of temperature changes, long-term exposure to high temperature or low temperature environment, hypothalamus will strike because of this load operation, so that other organs of our body and nervous system will malfunction and damage health, and even endanger life.

This shows the importance of the right temperature for the human body. SMLG constant temperature system mainly through the system components to heat up or cool, no blowing feeling, does not take away human skin moisture, the temperature is uniform, the indoor temperature is maintained at 20-26 degrees, so that the body comfort increases, so that the indoor four seasons like spring.

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