RFDN15 Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve
RFDN15 Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve

RFDN15 Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve

RFDN15 thermostatic water mixing valve is a self-operated thermostatic mixing valve that automatically controls the ratio of cold/hot water inlet by its internal wax thermostatic element to achieve a constant outlet water temperature. It is widely used in hot water supply system, which can effectively solve the problems of unstable temperature and poor comfort during the use of hot water, and has the function of preventing scalding. 


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Maximum water inlet pressure ratio: 2:1

Water temperature control accuracy: ±2℃

Static maximum water supply pressure: 1400Kpa

Hot water temperature: 60-99℃

Dynamic maximum water supply pressure: 500Kpa

Cold water temperature: 5-30℃

Ideal working pressure: 300Kpa

Outlet temperature range: 30-50℃

Minimum flow: 4L/min

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