MULTI-Thermostatic Circulation Valve-910054NT-SMLG
MULTI-Thermostatic Circulation Valve-910054NT-SMLG

910054NT MULTI- Thermostatic Circulation Valve

Hot water system Supply comfort hot water

Traditional hot water systems often have problems such as uneven cooling and heating at each outlet end and excessive energy consumption. This brings great trouble to users ' comfort, safety and operation and maintenance costs.

Control Legionella

Studies show that under the condition of water temperature ≤ 45 °C, the bacterial reproduction rate is accelerated and the risk of microbial pollution is increased. The World Health Organization and countries list Legionella as the No. 1 threat because of its high morbidity and reproduction in the water supply system.


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Main material: lead-free brass 

Medium: hot water 

Nominal pressure: PN16 

Maximum pressure drop: 1 bar 

Maximum inlet temperature : 90 ℃ 

Temperature control range : 35 ~ 60 ℃ 

Control valve core factory preset temperature: 55 ℃ 

Sterilization valve core factory preset temperature: 70 ℃ 

Shutdown temperature: 75 ℃

Thermometer interface: 10 mm 

Full open flow Kv max ( m3 / h ) : 1.6 

Sterilization flow Kv dis ( m3 / h ) : 0.6 

Minimum flow at 55 ℃ Kv min ( m3 / h ) : 0.15 ± 20 %                

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Customize Solution

If you are not sure what valve do you want, or the parameters of the valve, our team will assist you according to your application and idea, to achieve what valve do you need.  

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